Frequently Contacted Staff

Administrative & Management

Executive Director/Personal Care Administrator
Pam Conrad
[email protected]
717.848.2585, ext. 11351

Administrative Secretary/Receptionist
Rose Burk
[email protected]
717.848.2585, ext. 11300

Buildings & Grounds

Director of Building & Grounds
Clarence Brenneman
[email protected]
717.848.2585, ext. 11336


Rev. Aaron Cope
[email protected]
717.848.2585, ext. 11345

Dining Services

Director of Dining Services
Colt Rauhauser
[email protected]
717.848.2585, ext. 11338

Human Resources

Human Resources Coordinator
Delores Elicker-Brehm
[email protected]
717.848.2585, ext. 11324

Life Enrichment

Director of Life Enrichment
Lauren Eriksen
[email protected]
717.848.2585, ext 11305 | 717.854.6606


Health Services Manager
Teisha Jordan, LPN
[email protected]
717.848.2585, ext. 11328

Residential Nurse Navigator
Linda Leroux, LPN
[email protected]
717.848.2585, ext. 11340

Sales & Marketing

Director of Sales & Marketing
Heidi Bair
[email protected]

Personal Care Retirement Counselor
Stephanie Muir
[email protected]
717.848.2585, ext. 11309

Volunteer Services

Volunteer Services Coordinator
Robert Gibson
[email protected]
717.848.2585, ext. 11330