Enjoying the monarch butterflies in the personal care residence!

Every year, residents of the personal care residence participate in a caterpillar-to-butterfly project. Residents are amazed at the overall transformation from a small caterpillar to a beautiful, orange and black monarch butterfly.

What does this process look like? First, the insects begin as caterpillars, eat milkweed, grow in size and later enter their chrysalis sacks. After some time, the caterpillars emerge as beautiful monarch butterflies.The monarchs do not stay at The Village at Utz Terrace. They wait for their wings to completely dry and fly to Mexico for warmer temperatures. Overall, this unique project is both educational and fun! In addition, a big thank you to Tana Martin, a resident volunteer at The Village at Utz Terrace, who greatly assists with this project.

“This has been a wonderful experience and joy to share with the residents, team members and visitors,” said Kris Martin, personal care Life Enrichment leader.

Volunteers from St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Hanover wash windows!

We recently had a few window washers at The Village at Utz Terrace! On a Saturday, individuals from St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Hanover volunteered their time to wash windows across campus! The volunteers washed and polished windows in the Community Center, as well as the apartment building and PC wing. We are very appreciative of their time!

Residents Larry and Doris Blocher celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary!

On September 6, Larry and Doris Blocher, residents at The Village at Utz Terrace, celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary. The Blochers joined family and friends in the Terrace Overlook Restaurant for a special anniversary luncheon, complete with cake, presents and delightful company.

The couple met at a local family restaurant in Hanover and were married September 6, 1958, in Snydersburg, Maryland. The Blochers say that raising their children is one of the greatest accomplishments they have shared over the past 65 years. Most of their fondest memories were spent traveling across the United States and Europe, having visited all 50 U.S. states. “We did everything together,” says Larry.

A big congratulations on this milestone celebration! Happy 65th wedding anniversary to Larry and Doris Blocher!