Frequently Contacted Staff


Executive Director
Marcia Waters

[email protected]
717.637.0633, ext. 60058

Skilled Care Nursing Home Administrator
Daniel Pyle
[email protected]
717.646.2411, ext. 60010

Personal Care Administrator/Health Services Manager
Alyssa Groft
[email protected]
717.646.2415, ext. 60014

HUD Manager
Terry Stickles
[email protected]
717.630.2754 | 717.630.8941
717.632.3927 (fax)

Community Center Administrative Assistant
Teresa Plank
[email protected]
717.637.0633, ext. 60000

Building & Grounds

Director of Facilities
717.646.2430, ext. 60029


Melissa Mosebrook
[email protected]
717.858.7123 (cell)

Dining Services

Director of Dining Services
Christine Storm
[email protected]
717.646.2439, ext. 60036


Business Office & Administrative Coordinator
Holly Sterrett

717.646.2407, ext. 60006

Human Resources

Human Resources Coordinator
Angela Panzo
[email protected]
717.646.2412, ext. 60011

Life Enrichment

Director of Life Enrichment
Ashlynn Suarez
[email protected]
717.646.2432, ext. 60031


Director of Nursing
Rosemary Ashby
[email protected]
717.646.2455, ext. 60044

Residential Nurse Navigator
Kimberly Chapman
[email protected]

Rehab Therapy Site Manager
Shannon Schuman
[email protected]
717.646.2442, ext. 60041

Sales & Marketing

Director of Sales & Marketing
Lesa Merwede
[email protected]
717.637.0633, ext. 60019

Social Services

Director of Social Services
Lisa Hoffman
[email protected]
717.646.2441, ext. 60040

Volunteer Services

Volunteer Services Coordinator
Teresa Stickles
[email protected]
717.646.2460, ext. 60059