Frequently Contacted Staff


Executive Director
Karly Sarvis, MBA, LSW, NHA, PCHA
[email protected]
717.764.9994, ext. 20505

Nursing Home Administrator
Brandon Sparver, NHA
[email protected]
717.767.5404, ext. 20550

Assisted Living Administrator
Kayla Oberholtzer
[email protected]
717.764.9994, ext. 20303

Glatfelter Center Administrative Secretary
Jo Ellen Ferguson
[email protected]
717.767.5404, ext. 20502

Skilled Care Center Administrative Secretary
Katelyn McWhirter
[email protected]
717.767.5404, ext. 20552

Administrative Assistant
Ashley Aytac
[email protected]
717.764.9994, ext. 20589

Building & Grounds

Director of Facilities
Todd Sell
[email protected]
717.767.0582, ext. 20582


Rev. Aaron Cope
[email protected]
717.767.5404, ext. 20208

Dining Services

Director of Dining Services
Jeff Cowoski
[email protected]
717.764.9994, ext. 20559


Assistant Accounting Coordinator
Cynthia Donley
[email protected]
717.767.5404, ext. 20565

Human Resources

Human Resources Coordinator
717.767.5404, ext. 20575

Life Enrichment

Life Enrichment Director
Brenna Michael
[email protected]
717.764.9994, ext. 20556


Director of Nursing
Tammy Knight, RN
[email protected]
717.767.5404, ext. 20553

Residential Nurse Navigator
Linda Leroux, LPN
[email protected]
717.764.9994, ext. 20504

Sales & Marketing

Director of Sales & Marketing
Heidi Bair
[email protected]
717.767.0579, ext. 20501

Volunteer Services

Volunteer Services Coordinator
Robert Gibson
[email protected]
717.767.5404, ext. 20596